What To Expect When A Tenant Moves Out

As a landlord, when a tenant moves out, it can be stressful, especially when you walk in and see the rental was not taken care of. Unfortunately in the business of investment properties, you can screen a tenant down to the nitty gritty, they may check all the boxes, but you still take a risk with how they will take care of your home. 


Although, very uncommon, there are instances where the tenant deep cleaned, has perfect carpets, and even replaced their drip pans. You walk in, and your house is move in ready! This is ideal, and why here at JNM we give every tenant a checklist of what we look for at move out, to set them up for success at their move out inspection. 


 If you are lucky, the tenant took care of the property as if they owned it, and you just have to do normal make ready items and it is ready to go. With normal wear and tear, you can expect a cleaning, carpet cleaning, painting and a check over appliances and smoke detectors. Painting can range from how long the tenant occupied the unit. If it was less than a year, it should only require a touch up paint. If the tenant lived there for 1+ years, it is common the property needs a fresh paint for it to be move in ready. 


Then unfortunately, you can walk into a mess. First thing to remember, the tenants security deposit will cover as much as it can, and for anything remaining JNM has collection procedures to cover the remaining make ready costs. For the home to be rent ready again, the carpets may need replaced, their may be hours of trash disposal, pest control costs, etc. Although this may seem stressful, this isn't something that happens all that often, ​and is the risk taken when having a rental property. A tenant could look perfect on paper, could pass their occasional inspections, and then take a wrong turn. Sometimes job loss, family tragedies, or medical conditions can cause a person to skip, become evicted or be unable to take care of the home. Even though somethings can be unpredictable, JNM strives for good communication with tenants to prevent these scenarios. 

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